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Daddy died a year ago today.

This morning was rough, and I spent most of today sleeping or hanging out with Meg. After she leaves for the airport I'll be alone for a few hours, which I'm not looking forward to.

I can't believe it's been a year. Sometimes I still forget, and expect that he'll be at home, or on the boat, or I'll pass him in his car.

EDIT: Natasha got online today to make sure she could talk to me. <3 She's wonderful.


I got a betta fish today. His name is Vlad.

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I've yet to exhaust my goldmine of Russian jokes ("In Soviet Russia, fish buys YOU!"; "HIS FINS SHINE PROUD LIKE KREMLIN"; "VLAD IS MODEL COMRADE AFTER VACATION TO SIBERIA" etc.)

He's very pretty though, and he seems to be enjoying living on my dresser.

I'm going to read.